Sunday, July 11, 2010

First tattoo i've given anyone with a machine. Had to use a flash light to light it up because my camera sucks and the flash doesnt work anymore. Need to get a nicer one of those things. Maybe if I go to work some day I can save up for one!
Piece I did in some abandon building on St. Ferdinand

Nother piece by Doodles
Kathy Brenden and I were going on adventures in the L9 and we stumbled across this wonderful trash bag. Those little beady thing are ALL maggots. Puppies!

Piece by mr. doodles
Piece on the side of the St. Claude bridge. I was a little tipsy and there were ants crawling all over my legs biting the hell out of me. kinda sloppy. O well.
My front door...
My kitten Puck brought me this present a couple months ago. It doesn't even have feathers yet! Go Puck!

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